Mount Dora Merchants is designed to promote the general welfare of our fellow merchants and area businesses, by providing this web directory as a means to interact with the community, fellow merchants and business owners.

We promote the highest business standards among our members, discovering better business methods for members through personal networking with one another.
Fostering a spirit of cooperation and trust between our merchants and the community.

There are no meetings to attend, or bylaws to follow, just an open professional business directory, helping each other develop better community and customer relationships.

Cost for adding your Business Listing to our Directory is $1.00!

Often, people ask how we are able to provide this web site as a Free Service.
We believe in supporting the community in which we live, promoting people like you in business.
B&J Graphics personally pays for the domain name and hosting services for the year. It is our way of giving back to the community that supports our business.

What does your business do to donate back to the community?

Please see our How to Join Page for further details.